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In early 2004, at age 36, I learned that I was going to be a new father of twin girls.  At that point, I weighed over 200 pounds, was inactive, and ate horribly.  I generally did not feel well and I was worried about what kind of parent I would become.  Would I be an overweight, tired, sickly older dad unable to keep up with my kids?  The thought of being a second-rate father was almost as troubling to me as the thought of not become a father at all.  I decided to take action.  Through my medical training and my practice as an Allergist/Immunologist, I knew a great deal about how to become healthy.  I made up my mind to start to use my knowledge to become a healthier person and, hopefully, a better father.  In the process, I lost 50 pounds and have become energetic and fit.  I have now completed seven marathons, a large number of triathlons including an iron-distance race, and numerous other fitness events.  This website is intended to share with you the lessons I have learned and continue to learn.  As such, I dedicate this blog to my family but, especially, my first kids Audrey and Isabelle.

My education and training includes a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University with a double major in History and Biology and an MD from Duke University School of Medicine. My residency training in Pediatrics was at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and my fellowship training in Allergy/Immunology was at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Over the years, I have authored numerous peer-reviewed original-research studies as well as a number of review articles.  I have also given lectures to an enormous variety of audiences, including interactive sessions for family groups and school nurses and CME-certified lectures to physicians.  Additionally, I have reviewed an untold number of manuscripts for high-profile medical journals in my specialty.  I am recognized as an authority in my specialty and have held leadership positions on both a regional and national basis.

I truly enjoy what I do.


8 thoughts on “About Brian Smart, MD

  1. Lukas Jusuf, Dr.med.

    Dear Brian,
    The issue with clorine as the culprit in enhancing or inducing bronchial hyperresponsiveness is interresting to follow and there must be further studies to be done .
    Congratulation Brian for your educative blog

    Hope you are doing well
    (Lukas Jusuf, Member of AAAAI and EAACI)

  2. Jenny K

    Hey Dr. S, I’m so glad you found me on Twitter (maybe because I have twins too?) because that means I found your blog! You are really inspiring! I’m beyond thrilled to see someone using actual scientific studies to evaluate topics related to exercise and nutrition. Believe me, you are a beacon of light in a dark night sky. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Jessica Perkins

    Brian, I just read the story about your son’s participation in a recent multi-sport event. I was in tears! Thank you for having the courage to share the story, but more importantly, thank you for being an open-minded parent who wants your son to experience all that life has to offer. As parents, we want to protect our children from the world’s sadness and disappointment. However, to prepare them for life without us, we must let them learn about this in a protective environment. You are preparing him.

    I’m thrilled that the organizers were so accommodating.

    BTW, I live in St. Louis, so we have a connection!

    1. administrator Post author

      Thank you very much for the kind comments, Jessica. I lived in St. Louis for seven years and have many fond memories.

  4. Bri

    Loved reading your story about your son and his introduction to multi-sport. I am a triathlete myself and my son has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism. I hope to get him involved in sports and/or multi-sports as well. Very inspiring story! Thank you. 🙂

    1. administrator Post author

      Thanks for the comments, Bri! Multisport and triathlon is an especially good way to get our children engaged in athletics and “the rest of the world.” Warm regards to you and your son.

  5. Linda Taylor

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for sending me the articles about my grandchildren participating in the Splash and Dash event, and about Zachary’s Kindle mishap. I am so proud of you as a man and a father. I have seen how kind and gentle you are with all of the children and how patient and loving you are in dealing with Zachary. I am truly blessed to have you as my son and your five children as my grandchildren.



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