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Guest Blogging:

This is an edited version of the same article from this blog. 

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Kevin MD: “Preventing peanut allergies. What does the recent data mean?”

This article summarizes the results of the LEAP trial, published early 2015.

The Blogging Doctors: “Want to boost your immune system?  Get vaccinated!”  

This is a discussion about the discovery of vaccines and how they work.

The Blogging Doctors: “Is soy formula safe?”

There is a lot of concern about the safety of soy formula for developing female children.  This article addresses this issue.


Naperville News 17: “The danger of traveling and allergies.”

The reporter did a really nice job discussing common concerns families have about food allergy.  

Stuttertalk: “Being a doctor who stutters and medical school.”

A detailed discussion of the impact of stuttering on Dr. Smart’s professional life with a little philosophy mixed in.

Magazine Articles:

Endurance Racing Magazine: “How being stubborn nearly cost me my life.”

This is an account of an Iron-distance race in which a lot of thing went wrong.

COPD International. “When Asthma and COPD Coexist.”

This is a reprint, available on the internet, of an article published by Asthma Magazine in 2001.


The Season: “Fight Asthma With A Winning Game Plan”

This is an article about asthma and exercise.

Self Magazine: “Could You Be Allergic to Exercise?

This was a really fun interview about “exercise allergy.”

Ace Fitness: “Could Your Client Really Be Allergic to Exercise?”

This article uses much of the same material as the one, above. 

HealthDay: “Sports Can Trigger Asthma Deaths.”

This is an older article from 2004 that was written after tragic, highly-publicized, deaths of athletes from asthma. 

WebMD: “Exercise Outdoors – Even With Allergies.”

This is a nice article about not letting allergies get in the way of outdoor athletics. 

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