An Allergist/Immunologist’s Guide to Living Well


How often do you hear someone say “I am going to eat … food or take … vitamin to improve my immunity” or “my immune system is weak” ?  A lot of people think in these terms all the time and make real decisions about their lives, involving time, convenience, and money.  Part of this blog is going to be an in depth discussion of this topic including the roles of diet, exercise, rest, stress, supplements, and, yes, vaccinations in modifying immunity.  I also plan to discuss other topics related to my field of specialty, allergy/immunology, and my years of experience as an endurance athlete and father of five.  These topics will include weight loss, understanding the energy delivered by food, concepts of basic immunology, the scientific method, picking a good doctor, picking a good exercise activity, the wonderful world of endurance sports, and the experience of adopting and raising twins from a foreign country.  Please join me and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  I welcome comments and suggestions.

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