Is Soy Formula Safe?



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Thanks to for allowing me to guest-blog this article.  Here is the opening paragraph:

A number of families I treat who have children with cow’s milk allergy have concerns about the safety of using soy-based formula or soy milk (per age appropriateness) as a substitute. These concerns have to do with the fact that estrogen is one of the primary female sex hormones and soy contains isoflavones, which, as phytoestrogens, are chemically similar to estrogens. Two major types of isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, can act like estrogen does in the body, but at much less potency than estrogen, itself. The concern with the safety of soy is the possibility that the isoflavones may have enough potency to have actual, relevant, biological effects. There has been a lot of research about these possible biological effects upon child development.

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