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I was recently in communication with the manufacturers of a product that is new to me: SportsTagID.  I suggested, “hey, why don’t I do a review of your product for my blog?  It will be as unbiased as I can make it.  Please send me one of your bracelets and I’ll try it out and share my thoughts.”  Well, here is the review:

I ordered my Sports Tag ID through the company website.  There are a number of choices of color, pattern, and, even, weight (mostly for runners who may want the lightest possible bracelet). The website allows for between 3 and 6 lines of laser-inscribed text on the ID, each with 24 spaces or fewer.  There are also suggestions regarding the information that should be entered, including warnings about entering too much personal information.  Another cool option is to have QR engraving on the bracelet.  For those of you who don’t know, QR codes are those funny squarish codes with seemingly random dots that are found on a lot of products. These can be easily read by cell-phones with QR apps.

My SportsTagID bracelet arrived in regular mail very quickly after my order (under a week).  It was packaged in this neat little container, which is shaped like a cigar tube, but flat on one side. On the website, the manufacturers of SportsTagID state that this tube is intended to be reusable, in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of their product.  It is large enough for change, keys, cash money, or other purposes and its shape is great for the back pocket of a bike jersey.


Once I got my nifty, “World Edition Sport ID” version of the SportsTagID out of the container, I had to figure out how to size and put together the wristband.  It was a little tough at first to open the teeth of the clamp, but this was intended, since it needs to remain shut semi-permanently once sized.  I cut pieces of the wristband off very carefully and went through three cuttings until I got it just right.  Incidentally, all of this support information, including a video, is available on the product’s website.

Then, the most important step: the TWEEN DAUGHTER TEST!

It passed without any eye-rolls and even the admission that the Sports TagID looks “cool.”

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Today, I wore my Sports TagID bracelet on a bike and run brick workout.  Since my Garmin is almost welded to my left wrist, I used my right wrist for the Sports TagID.  Once I snapped it on, I simply forgot about it.  It is light and doesn’t bounce around and twist on my wrist.  It is made of a soft, comfortable, rubbery material (which is an ultra silicone product unique to Sports TagID), and sweat (of which I am a copious producer) just runs right off.  There is no rubber or latex in this product.  The metallic parts are stainless steel and should last for many years.  When I finished my 4 ½ hour workout, I just rinsed off the Sports TagID and left it out to dry for tomorrow.

The makers of Sports TagID also make ID bracelets for medical conditions, children, and dogs. That’s right, waterproof dog collars in bright colors.  This, incidentally, is my favorite part of their website with the line “made better, fits better, feels better, smells better.”

I have a family of five kids, a busy medical practice, and recently had a heart scare.  It is very important that I bring identification with me when I leave the house to exercise.  I hope to never be in a situation in which someone needs to look for identification on me but, with my new, stylish, Sports TagID, I feel more confident and responsible.

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    Hi BRIAN
    Please correct your blog there is no rubber whatsoever in our products. If you read the info on our site we specifically outline bract the fact webworms NEVER use rubber.
    We developed ultra silicone a trade product unique to Sportstagid.
    Thank you

    1. administrator Post author

      Thanks for the information. To be fair, I used the term “rubbery.” However, it is important to clarify that this is a unique silicone product that is comfortable, sweat repellent, and will not irritate people with latex allergy.

  2. Jim

    I bought one of these but it was defective. They required I pay to return it & sent me a new one. Be prepared to pay for that if the one you get doesn’t work right.


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